Weather Information


Between November to February the whole valley gets a celestial look when draped by a thick layer of snow with minimum temperatures dipping to -5°celsius and a maximum of 10° Celsius.


The valley acts as a pasture land for the yaks with temperature ranging from 10° - to 30° during the day.


Between early April to mid June its charm gets even more irresistible with the outburst of the rhododendrons and the primulas surrounded by an alpine forest of silver fur and snow capped mountains. Temperature ranging from 10° - to 25° Celsius.


Between late September to end of October the temperature ranges from 8° - to 25° Celsius and the valley changes into yet another colourful alpine delight .

Best Season To Visit
Spring , Autumn & winter.

Maximum Summer Temperature
March to October : Minimum 10°C Maximum 30°C

Maximum Winter Temperature
November to February : Minimum -5°C Maximum 10°C