Places of Interest

Yumthang ValleyYumthang Valley At 11,800 ft, the valley is simply mind blowing. Surrounded by an alpine forest of silver fir and high snow capped peaks, its charms get even more irresistible in spring when primulas carpet the valley floor along with the outburst of rhododendrons, primroses and other wild blossoms. It is also famous for hot springs.

YumesamdongYumesamdong (0 point) About 24km from yumthang the trail is filled with the fragrance of the azellia, a plant collected by the locals as incense. Here one can experience the enchanting views of a mountainous terrain in snow.

Singba Rhododendron sanctuarySingba Rhododendron sanctuary The sanctuary which lies beyond the frontier village of lachung en route to yumthang valley is called as singba rhododendron wild life sanctuary, the forest surrounded by snowy mountains provides good habitate for avifauna and flora. It is also home for the state tree rhododendron niveum.

Domang ValleyDomang Valley Located at a distance of around 14 km from lachung, The drive all the way with running streams and amidst the silver fir is truly a travelers delight.