About Us

Nestled in the Eastern Himalaya of India is the tiny State of Sikkim, known for its natural beauty and inhabited by very hospitable, gentle and peace loving people. North Sikkim is perhaps the most beautiful of the four districts of Sikkim. The inhabitants are largely Tribal and very simple people whose preserve has been protected by local laws ever since the time of the Chogyals (The erstwhile rulers of Sikkim). One such place and preserve, is the Lachung valley.

Perched at an altitude ranging from 9000ft to 12500ft and surrounded by snowcapped peaks, amidst the silver fir and the rhododendron forests lies the beautiful valley of Lachung. Its finnish styled cottages serve as lodging for the visiting tourists, who are lured here by the naturalist's paradise of Yumthang.

Located at a distance of around 120 km from the capital city of Gangtok, the drive all the way to Lachung is very adventurous and picturesque. One gets to experience driving over running streams and beside the mighty Teesta River. Numerous waterfalls along the way are truly a traveler’s delight. The Govt, of Sikkim through the Department of Tourism has established many wayside amenities and view points for the convenience of the tourists.

In Lachung the demand for decent accommodations are constant throughout the year. The cool summers and the snowy winters are a great attraction for the descerning travelers and vacationers.

Norling Zimkhang, Lachung welcomes you to this wonderful mystical alpine valley.